Summer Project: Canoe & Kayak Rack

A Canoe and Kayak rack is the perfect summer project for the outdoor enthusiast. Home Hardware backyard project kits come with all the building materials and the plans needed to build a canoe and kayak rack. DIY MOM Rebekah Higgs, puts the building plans to the test creating this gorgeous canoe rack from scratch. Read the blog or watch the video to learn how you can build your own canoe stand.

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Making Your Home Ready for Short-Term Rental

Now that I have three properties that I am renting on a short-term basis, I find myself offering up a lot of advice and tips to people who are looking to start their own instant hotel. 

I thought it would be a great idea to answer some of those frequently asked questions by writing a blog dedicated to my tips and tricks when it comes to attracting short-term renters while protecting your property.

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11 Practical Ways To Reduce Single Plastic Use

Easy solutions for busy mom’s to cut down on single-Use Plastics

There has been a lot of discussion lately about our overuse of single-use plastics and the harmful effects they are having on our environment. The recent coverage in the news has made me take a closer look at my own single plastic consumption in the home and thinking about practical ways that I can cut down, or cut back on the amount of plastic we throw out. For so long we thought we were recycling all the plastic that goes into the blue bags but as it turns out Canada only recycles about %10 of our plastics and what we are unable to recycle we’ve been shipping off to poorer Asian Countries. Those countries are now taking a stand against the rich world’s plastic waste signalling a change in the global recycling system. There is a growing movement against non- recyclable plastic.

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3 Reasons to Keep Your Old Windows

Getting rid of old windows might seem like an obvious step when renovating an old home but there are actually several good reasons to keep old windows and integrate them into your design plans. Before you begin the huge project of replacing old windows, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider keeping them.

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My Home Energy Efficiency Tips

*Disclosure: I’ve received compensation from TD Insurance for this sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.*

Exterior Home.jpeg

Buying An Old Home

& Improving Efficiency.

When I bought my 1938 Colonial Style home it didn’t take long before we realized that this house needed some major help becoming more efficient!

Making your home more energy efficient home is not only great for the environment, but it’s good for your wallet too!

As a single mom, I didn’t want to get stuck with a big energy bill every month, so I knew I was going to put some effort into getting this place up to snuff. I also wanted to get the most of my renovation dollars, and make sure that this house would be desirable for repurchase when I go to sell! Having a big oil bill every month is not going to look good for my real estate listing.

TD Insurance has some great efficiency tips on their website (linked here) and it inspired me to talk to you guys about some of the steps I take to make my home more efficient (I even learned a thing or two from TDI!)

I learned that a huge part making your home more energy efficient is just a simple matter of proper maintenance. The same way you check up on your health, you should schedule a check up for your home – it can help you prevent small issues from turning into larger issues like leaking pipes, collapsed roof and heating issues.

Now let’s get started with some of my fave tips!!

Radiator 1.jpeg

Keep The Heat.

Don’t loose the charm.

Keep the heat in! Improve your home’s insulation and make it more airtight while ensuring there is proper ventilation. Caulking and weather stripping are inexpensive ways to reduce air leakage from your home.

In my house I was able to salvage the beautiful metal grates on the old radiators.

I had to pull out the old radiators to insulate behind them, then I was able to lift up the hot water base boards and frame the old radiator covers back on the wall. It was a great way to keep the charm and have lots of air flowing through my heaters.


What To Do About Old Windows.

Give them the love they deserve.

When I renovated, I decided I wanted to keep the old windows. They are beautifully made, suit the home and add so much character. There was no way I could part with them. In order to make these windows more effective at keeping the heat in. I installed custom built wood storm windows on the exterior, and cellular shades on the main floor.

These cellular shades, are top down, bottom up… So they keep the warmth in and add R Value, but I can expose the top of the wood windows to show off the detail!

After I painted the windows black in the dining room, I decided to install black cellular shades to blend in perfectly and offer warmth in the winter and keep the sun out in the summer.

Old Windows.jpeg

A few things I didn’t know about heating (thanks TD Insurance!)

  • Regular maintenance of your heating system is important for both efficiency and safety. Make sure it is done once a year.

  • Clean or replace your furnace filter at least every three months during the heating season.

8_alderwood_dr_69 2.jpg

Ceiling Fans Circulate Heat.

Who knew?!

Lucky for me I installed fans in 2 of the bedrooms upstairs in the house. I knew they would help move the air around in the summer, but after reading tips from TD Insurance I also learned that you can you also help push valuable heat around to warm your space up quickly in the colder months!

Ceiling Fan.jpeg

Real Fireplaces

Draw the heat out of your home.

I have a working wood fireplace in my home. It’s lovely and ambient, but it actually sucks the heat out of my house. So, in order to not lose your shirt with your heating bill be sure to close the chimney damper whenever you’re not using the fireplace.

Smart Thermostats

I installed a smart thermostat in my home, so I can control the heat when I am away, or program it for various times of the day.


Installing a programmable thermostat may save you money on your heating bill. Lowering the thermostat at bedtime and before leaving the house reduces your energy consumption without affecting your comfort.

Stop The Drip


Dripping faucets waste water. Hot water from a dripping tap could fill more than 15 bathtubs in a month!


The Reality Of Laundry

Laundry is just a realty for all of us. It’s not the most fun to do, but it has to be done. The more kids and adults living in the home, the more the laundry piles up! All that laundry isn’t cheap, so here are some tips to ease the burden.

  •  When using the washing machine, always adjust the water level to the size of your load.

  •  Wash your clothes in cold water and save on the energy used (which goes toward heating water).

  •   Use a longer spin cycle for heavier items.

  •   Make sure to clean the lint filter on your dryer before each use.

  •   Remove lint buildup from around the exhaust area.

  •   Skip the dryer all together and hang your clothes to dry.

    For more home efficiency tips, definitely check out TD Insurance here:


Welcome to my Spring Home Tour

Spring is in the air. The days are longer and I am finding myself motivated to clean and freshen up our home. It’s been a while since I have photographed the main floor living space of my home, and I need to update my Air BNB listing. So I am sharing some of the changes I’ve made around the house in the last few months.


I some of you who follow me on instagram might know. I finally got the dinning room set of my dreams last November. The Taos Harvest Table and Benches from has really changed the look of my dinning room.


I was also gifted a new rug for this room from Loloi Rugs. It is very soft and plush and I love the look of it with the modern table.


When I was getting my house ready for The Homes for the Holidays show (this was when 1500 people came through my house to see my Christmas decor to raise money for the YWCA) I moved some of my furniture down to the basement. I decided to move the small leather sofa that was in the dinning room and replace it will this simple console I found for $50. It makes the room feel less cramped and gives me extra space for my plants!


I took a few of the flowers from my Christmas mantle display and the beaded garland from my tree and made a little arrangement for my coffee table with them. Because the theme for my Christmas decor was wood, fire and roses (I decorated with gold and blush pink) so I’m able to make some of my decor work in other ways throughout the year.

There are a few other bloggers who are also sharing their home’s this spring. If you are looking for more inspiration check out:

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FABULOUS FIXTURES- 2019 Lighting Trends

Beautiful Fixtures can make the space. I used a collection of lighting from HVL & Mitzi as art for this basement apartment renovation.

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Learn more about the free product installation service from Efficiency NS

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Use Bold Colors, but Not Too Many
For a stylish and cheery bathroom, stick mainly to one or two bright shades. Pops of color in striped towels or flowers will keep the space energetic. Colored vanities could add some flair, too. Just don’t go overboard: Too many colors in a small space can make it feel messy or overwhelming, while an uber-minimal environment isn’t fun for kids.

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The heat is on… here are a few of my favourite summer hacks!

Find out how to keep your kids cool , and have some fun with them this summer without breaking the bank.

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Creating a space for your teen doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. You can have a lot of fun working with them on the inspiration and creating a space that will grow with them as they head into their adult years.

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The old wood panelling had to go, to bring new life and light into this home! See my amazing kitchen transformation and how i selected the finishings for this space.