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Renovating a 12 year olds bedroom to last and stay in fashion for a decade requires a bit of planning and imagination.

This basement bedroom was all purple. Not wild Nova Scotia flower purple, but a dark and dingy and dated purple. It was not doing this room any favours.


I wanted to make this room feel special for Taylor who comes to visit her father on weekends and for a 6 weeks every summer. A bedroom that fits her taste and age but can also be put to use as a guest room.

I asked Taylor to let me know what she liked and created a Pinterest board of Inspiration. She said she liked white and black and natural wood, a few arrows and some words of inspiration.

I knew I wanted to get rid of the Barney Purple and make this room bright and white. I had been told that there is an excellent paint at Home Hardware that would cover the walls in ONE COAT.  That seemed too good to be true, so I had to check it out. I went to my local Home Hardware and picked up their  Beauti-Tone Paint.


This was perfect, because I was able to get all the supplies I needed in one HOME HARDWARE location and their Beauti-Tone products were on a massive sale, %40 off. BONUS!


I learnt as I went that it would not be 1 coat to cover up this dark purple, but 3 or 4... It's very hard to go from dark to white, and requires a good drying in between each coat to get that nice bright white. But I was able to get it done quickly.

But at least the room feels fresh, even just as a white space... it feels great!

NEXT: I wanted to do a wallpaper or some form of accent wall for this bedroom, but the home owner was not a fan of wallpaper. (OH NO I LOVE WALLPAPER). Thus my search for alternatives began. I found a removable wall decal in the form of an arrow (check) that I thought was really fun and  great way to create my own original stamp on this space. If styles or tastes change we can always remove the decals and go back to the white walls without much headache! 

I got three packs of these wall decals from Paper Riot Co. 

And started my wallpaper masterpiece...  next time I think I would get some extra decals as I did run out and had to get a little creative with stretching them out along the wall.

A progress pic!

A progress pic!

I peeled and placed the wall decals one at a time, and I did it by eye (standing back every once and a while to make sure they were mostly straight). This is how I generally do things, cutting corners, trying to go fast... And honestly I did have to remove decals and adjust them every once in a while.  SO probably not my best work, but they peel off easily (a huge blessing) so I could adjust them as I went. I would recommend putting a little more care into applying them then I did because the less you move them, the better they stay on.


Now that the wall was done, I did a quick little staging so I could place the double bed, and figure out where to put the pendent lights I ordered from My Mitzi, and how much space was left in the room for side tables!

Colter Electric fit me in quickly and came over to rewire this room and install my beautiful light fixtures. They were very fast professional and helpful. And they cleaned up after themselves which I always love in a good electrician!

I discovered the AVERY pendent light from My Mitzi. A bright, colourful and simple pendent  and I just loved them! I wanted to find a fixture that would add the right pop of colour to this bedroom and these pendents were perfect. The two lights really complete the look of the space, and make it feel so special and unique!


Custom Pillows were made by Girliture.

I sent in my request for pillows that would go with the black and white arrow theme, and received these within days in the mail! Nothing Beats local Craftmanship and service! The turn around time blew my mind!

For side tables I got two inexpensive crates out of the clearance section at Home Sense and they fit perfectly!




To make the most out of this little nook in the basement, I wanted to make a perfect fitting custom desk, that would double as a vanity & beauty station.   Keep all those girl things out of the bathroom and in the bedroom...

I was working with a 46 inch gap. 

After first coat

After first coat

I painted the nook white, and I bought two Ikea Cabinets for $59 and put them together without the castor wheels. I wasn't able to find the exact item I got online, but this one is similar.


The two cabinets were small enough to leave a 20 inch space for sitting and strong enough to hold up a slab of Marbel from Nova Tile and Marble.

I went to Nova Tile and Marble and asked them to see the back warehouse and off cuts of marble. They had so many pieces to choose from, and the solid pieces were affordable and perfect for making the most of this space nook.  A great trick when you want solid top counter tops is to ask the supplier what they have for discount off cuts… This means you can get a beautiful piece for a fraction of the price. The Piece of Marble retails for $500 but with the two ikea cabinets, we got a custom built in for under $650

Once I had my Cabinets built, Nova Tile came out to the house to measure the space so the stone would be cut to fit perfectly! 

Immo lights.jpg


Colter Electric installed these two beautiful IMMO Sconces from My Mitzi. 

I thought these Sconces were perfect. They have the brass feature that goes with my Avery Pendents and the white detail that makes them look contemporary. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my fixtures in the mail. To be honest I thought they might be leather wrapped, but they were a solid metal finish with two vintage light bulbs. Super cool looking & sturdy.


The final decorative pieces were found locally at Make New they have adorable potted plants and classy home accent pieces. And the mirror and stool came from Home Sense. A hexagon mirror for $39 and stool with storage for $49 (I knew it was perfect, because I loved the little black and white detail.)

The very last detail I added... Adorne Switches and Outlets from Catalyst Electric.

image1 (1).jpeg

All in all this bedroom is complete and we have one happy teen on our hands!!


Thanks to all those who teamed up with me to make this possible! We are so excited about this bedroom makeover and I hope you love it!!