Summer Project: Floating Dock



With Home Hardware’s Backyard Project Packages

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I was excited to build a floating dock this summer for my parents’ property in Black Point Nova Scotia. They have an amazing stone wharf that goes out into the Atlantic Ocean, but the wharf is so high that you have to be brave enough to jump 10 feet into the ocean or strong enough to climb a ladder. It’s not ideal for boating or a gentle swim. Adding a floating dock to the side of the wharf is the perfect addition to this amazing property.

Dock Teaser.jpg

I was able to get everything I needed to build the perfect ocean safe dock, with the Floating Dock Edge Package from Home Hardware.

The Floating Dock Edge Package comes in various sizes. We decided the 10’ x12’ foot floating dock edge package with brown pressure treated lumber would be perfect to hang off the wharf. The package includes 6 plastic floats that can hold up to 3000 lbs of weight, and all the hardware to build a solid structure that can weather the storm and fast-moving tides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Building the dock was simple with the plans provided by Home Hardware. First, we cut all the lumber into the correct lengths we needed for the build. Once we had everything cut, I did a dry lay of the wood on the wharf. Then it was a matter of pre-drilling and securing all the corner brackets with carriage bolts and then the cross braces.

Dock View.jpg

Once the frame was done, we lowered the structure down to the beach. We had enough friends and family around to help us get the dock frame over the rocks and onto the beach. It was low tide, so that meant we could secure the floats and then flip the dock over onto the sand to screw the deck boards down before the tide came back in.

Finishing the dock on the sand made it easy for us to launch the dock into the water. It was night fall by the time we launched the dock off the beach and surfed it over to the dock. Nathan secured the dock with rope over night before a more permanent solution to attach the dock to the wharf was sorted out in the morning.

The dock can also be anchored and used as a floating dock in the middle of the water, ideal for a lake, or you can use multiple floating dock edge packages to extend the dock from the wharf out into the water.

Sitting on the dock.jpg

With all the building materials and hardware delivered to my parents’ property and the help of my fiancé Nathan, we managed to get the dock built and in the water in a single day!

If you love this project and want to learn more, check out the Backyard Project Packages from Home Hardware or watch my video tutorial below!

I can’t wait to see and hear about your summer projects. Share your successes and comments below!