Summer Project: Canoe & Kayak Rack


Canoe & Kayak Rack

With Home Hardware’s Backyard Project Packages

*Disclosure: this blog post is sponsored by Home Hardware.


My parents recently bought a property on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and for my mother’s 65th birthday she asked for kayaks so she can explore the ocean and the islands nearby.  Personally I thought it would be the perfect touch to build my mom a canoe and kayak rack for her to have easy access to her kayaks this summer and storage for them all year round.

Luckily Home Hardware has a gorgeous Backyard Project Package that includes all the materials and hardware needed to build this rack and the instructions on how to create it. It’s the perfect design and style for my parents’ property and will look gorgeous nestled between the trees and close to the beach. 

Image from Home Hardware Website

Image from Home Hardware Website

Home Hardware delivered all the building materials to my parents’ property making it easy for us to get started on this project. 

FYI: The Backyard Project Packages are not pre-cut, so cutting and assembly is required. That’s perfect for me, as I love to build things from scratch!

The plans are easy to follow and well explained. There were about 15 pages in total that came with the building materials that broke down the instructions step by step from start to finish.


This solid structure has been designed by engineers and architects to last through all kinds of weather. The perfect example is the recent arrival of Hurricane Dorian (or “Donair” as we like to call it out East). After getting a beating from 100 km winds the canoe rack is perfectly intact!


The project took me several days from start to finish, but with the instructions and the help of my family I was able to build a beautiful canoe & kayak rack. Check out my video tutorial to watch the project in action!

Thanks so much for following along and I can’t wait to see what you build for your backyard project!

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