Ep 6: KITCHEN MAKEOVER DIY Mom and Haligonia.ca Present: #thewelcomehomeProject This weeks episode is what you have all been waiting for! The Kitchen makeover is revealed with drastic BEFORE AND AFTER video footage. First things first DIY MOM heads over to the Atrium in Burnside, to make all her final cabinet, lighting, counter top, tile and flooring selections.
Ep 5: FOURTH GENERATION RENOVATOR DIY Mom and Haligonia.ca Present: #thewelcomehomeProject We are on a time crunch. The kitchen, basement & mudroom all need to be ready for the film crew that is booked to start AMI's "Eyes For The Job" in less than a week.
Ep 4: INSPECTION DAY DIY Mom and Haligonia.ca Present: #thewelcomehomeProject If DIY Mom looks exhausted in this weeks episode it's because renovations are EXHAUSTING! It's crunch time, and on todays episode we follow Rebekah around as she organizes the final push before the rough framing, plumbing and insulation inspection happens!
DIY MOM Ep. 3 THE DEMOLITION CONTINUES Ep 3: THE DEMOLITION CONTINUES DIY Mom and Haligonia.ca Present: #thewelcomehomeProject This week DIY MOM discovers some problems within the homes walls. There is no insulation, and the ceiling in the sunroom is completely rotten.
I bought a house! DIY Mom and Haligonia.ca Present: EPISODE 1 of #thewelcomehomeProject: I BOUGHT A HOUSE Join DIY mom as her fabulous real estate agent Sarah Higgs Schlender of Parachute Realty takes her on the "Pre Closing Walk Through" of this 1951 Colonial Style House.
DIY Mom and Big Erics Present, How to Pair Food and Wine With the help of Chef Chris from Five Fishermans Restaurant in Halifax NS.
This week on DIY MOM Rebekah and Lennon lay a Flagstone Patio in their back yard with the help of Chris Little from Neat Lawn Care Landscaping. Learn the proper steps to laying a stone patio that will last a life time, using natural stone that is easy to lift and lay even for those who are not used to hard, heavy physical labour.
HOW TO SHUCK AN OYSTER The second video in the DIY Mom Chef tutorial series presented by Big Erics Inc. The International Award winning Chef Luis Clavel from Shuck Seafood + Raw Bar gives a step by step tutorial on HOW TO SHUCK AN OYSTER Like & Share this video and be entered to win a $50 gift card from Shuck Seafood + Raw Bar, A Paddy Shack Oyster Kit, and a case of your choice from Boxing Rock Brewing Company Winner will be announced Thursday!
HOW TO SHARPEN A KNIFE The first video in the DIY Mom Chef tutorial series presented by Big Erics Inc. Chef Dwayne from The Barrington Steakhouse & Oyster Bar gives a step by step tutorial on HOW TO SHARPEN AND HONE A CHEF KNIFE!
Who would have thought that an old farm yoke could be used as a pot hanging rack? DIY MOM has figured out an easy way to make your own pot hanging rack on a single mom budget.
DIY MOM Presents GARBAGE STORAGE SOLUTIONS! Using a Reclaimed Cabinet, Butcher Block and a Rev-A-Shelf waste system, I cleaned up the kitchen clutter and gave myself more counter space for $450! Kent is offering a special DIY MOM discount until June 16th! Get $20 off Rev-A-Shelf Product from Kent when buy $100 or more.
DIY MOM Rebekah Higgs shows you how to turn a swinging door into a sliding in this step by step DIY tutorial! The Sliding door Rail System came from Kent.ca and the door was found at Renovators Resource!

How To Tile: Video Tutorial Happy New Year! After a much needed month off, I've finally gotten around to posting another video tutorial. Here is a quick home tiling project i just completed using left over subway tiles from my kitchen renovation. Subway tiles are affordable between (under $1 a piece) and easy to work with.

Do you have a bunch of old curtains, table clothes, sheets or tshirts lying around without a use? Here is a great way to upcycle those into a savvy rug. This 1.5 minute (Speed) tutorial will take you through the steps of making your very own braided rag rug.

How to make a bed frame using old doors! I was gifted these two antique doors and now I want to UpCycle them into a headboard for my king size bed. This project only cost me $58. It was easy, and I love the look!

DIY Flower crowns with your toddler, featuring flower crown kits from OH DINA! www.ohdina.com

This week on DIY MOM, I bring Lennon to Ocean Optometry for her very first eye examination. They have all kinds of cool technology to check even the tinniest of humans eyes out. Book your childs appointment, it's covered by MSI!

DIY Mom and Poppy&Olive Present: 1 DRESS 2 GET YOU THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS A Holiday Style Guide on a Single Mom Budget! (If it fits my budget it will fit yours) Check out Poppy & Olive (Pop Up Shop) in Sunnyside Mall for all these beautiful looks & more.

DIY MOM is on the hunt for her next upcycling project. See what they find in this old barn in Brooklyn Nova Scotia. Then tune in on Tuesdays to watch the detailed tutorials and UpCycling projects!

I spend 1.5 hours and $52 adding an accent wall to my bedroom. This fast tutorial will show you the steps (and steps I cut out) to wallpaper while your child naps. I chose a faux wood panel backdrop to highlight the UpCycled Old Door Headboard I built for my show DIY MOM.

30 seconds to explain who we are and what we are doing! I am a single mom to a wild two year old named Lennon. We are fixing up our home on a next to nothing budget. Follow us on our adventures. Subscribe to my channel. We will be uploading new videos every week!

Ever wonder how to make a Monkey's fist? This is a sailors weight, used to cast a long rope. But it also makes for beautiful home decor. Tie back your curtains, use it as a door knocker, on your book shelf, tied around a jug, as a handle or a door stop.

Monkey Knot Table Markers
Use it as a curtain tie
beautiful book ends
Step by step instructions
door stop